The 12th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering

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Software evolution represents and becomes a crucial research area. It is the scope of several academic and industrial research works. One explored way is model driven approach. Last year, the MoDSE07 workshop was dedicated to explore how can model-driven engineering (MDE) enforce and enhance software evolution. Papers and presentations were about or against the use of MDE to manage and direct software evolution through innovative proposals, leading to an interesting debate and opening several research and applications ideas.

The second edition of MoDSE represents a continuation of the first edition. The objective is to present how model-driven evolution can enforce and reduce critical risks and important costs involved in software evolution, by employing high-level abstractions. We aim to present current research works about model-driven evolution and to exchange, discuss and debate about gained experiences, challenges, needs, proposed approaches and innovative solutions around the Model-Driven Software Evolution. It is important to bring together the MDE and Software Evolution communities in order to discuss whether and how research and experience can be exchanged between them.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday April 1 2008. This half-day workshop will include Keynote(s), presentation sessions, a moderated panel session and open discussions on relevant model driven evolution topics.

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Dalila Tamzalit
University of Nantes, France

Program Committee

Jean Bézivin
University of Nantes, France

Jean-Marie Favre
IMAG, France

Régis Fleurquin
University of Bretagne-Sud, France

David Garlan
School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Flavio Oquendo
University of Bretagne-Sud, France

Salah Sadou
University of Bretagne-Sud, France

Houari Sahraoui
University of Montreal, Canada

Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai
ENSM Douai, France

Harry Sneed
ANECON GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Arie Van Deursen
Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Organizing Committee

Chris Verhoef
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dennis Smith
Software Engineering Institute, USA


Olivier Le Goaer
University of Nantes, France