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COmposants et LOgiciels SrS


The main goal is the elaboration of concepts, methods and techniques supported by tools for software designers and developers


Kmelia is a component specification model based on the description of complex services. Kmelia components are abstract, independent from their environment and therefore non-executable
Kmelia can be used to model software architectures and their properties, these models being later refined to execution platforms. It can also be used as a common model for studying component or service model properties (abstraction, interoperability, composability). Kmelia main characteristics are: components, services, software architectures, protocols, contracts, specification of complex interaction between services.
Keywords: component model, services, software architectures, protocols, contracts...


ATACORA  (lien)
Keywords: multi-formalism specifications, STS, formal specifications


Common project with the OBASCO Team (LINA, INRIA, Ecole des Mines), on component and aspect-based approaches
Keywords: concurrent aspects, complex services, contracts...


Egide project in which we explore retro engineering in component and protocols approaches.
Partners: DSRG Prague, CSRL Cluj, OBASCO Ecole des Mines
Keywords: abstraction, retro engineering, Java, EJB, protocols, concurrency, Kmelia, SOFA, OCL...

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In this project we work on property verification on heterogeneous UML models.
Keywords: Metamodeling, UML, MOF, JMI, verification process, model generation
Article at C@MODE'05 (