The Reference Manual

Required Plugins

Reference Installation



  • Graphs Generator: COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_UI_GRAPH


  • Kml2Latex : COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_KML2LATEX release 2.0 Kml2Latex - Generate a LaTeX documentaion of the specification
  • Kml2Html : todo Kml2Html - Generate a HTML documentaion of the specification

Formal Analysis

  • Kml2Mec: COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_KML2MEC release 2.1 Kml2Mec - Generate a MEC specification for a triple of service interaction
  • MecLoader: COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_MECLOADER release 1.1 MecLoader - Get a visual view of the Mec analysis
  • Kml2Lotos: todo Kml2Lotos
  • Kml2B and EventB: COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_KML2B release 1.0 Kml2B - Generate B specifications to check the data part (data and service assertions)

Execution and tests

  • Framework Java: (COSTO_JAVA_FRAMEWORK) library costo.kml2java.jar to include in the specification project libs directory KmlJavaFramework
  • Framework Java Animation: (COSTO_JAVA_MONITOR) library costo.kml2java.monitor.jar to include in the specification project libs directory KmlJavaMonitor
  • Kml2Java : COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_KML2JAVA release 1.1 Kml2Java - generate a Java application from the specification
    - requires javamappings for the Kmelia functions
    - limits Kml2JavaLimits
  • KmlTest : COSTOLIB_PLUGIN_KML_TEST release 0.9 KmlTest - a set of actions and functions to generate a test application from the specification
    - limits KmlTestLimits
  • MutantsGenerator : todo KmlTest


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